AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel (Lawn & Patio)
388  The pressure washer does its job beautifully. It has a really long electric cord which was one of the requirements for me since I didn’t want to mess with extension cords. The hose is actually pretty long too, so you don’t have to drag the pressure washer around when you wash your car for example. Just set it in one place and the length of the hose will be enough reach all around.
The pressure washer comes with 2 wands. One has a rotating tip and the other one has a tip that can be adjusted for different spray angles so you don’t really need to buy any extra tips. It also has a bottle for cleaning chemicals.
All accessories, electric cord and hose have their place right on the unit and they fit quiet nicely.
Don’t forget, it has 1900 PSI which is really pretty high pressure for non-commercial pressure washers. I don’t know what’s inside the unit, but it just feels sturdy and solid.
I don’t usually write reviews but what made me do it is AR North America’s customer service. After testing the unit, I ordered an extra accessory from them directly (flat surface cleaner to clean cement surfaces). They have phone #’s and email addresses of their entire staff listed on their web side, so I asked few questions which were answered immediately. So I placed my order and couple of days later they informed me that the part I ordered was on back-order, so they offered to refund the money if I didn’t feel like waiting. You know, usually companies will make you wait even if it’s couple of weeks. I asked them how long I’d have to wait and they told me about a week which wasn’t a big deal for me at all, so I was prepared to wait. The next day I received another email from them saying that they would send me a $90 surface cleaner instead of $30 one I had ordered…get this… at no extra charge. I buy stuff on-line very often and I have never seen anything like that before.
Great product, great customer service. It’s very comforting to know that a company stands behind their product in case you need it and most importantly, easily accessible. Learn More


AR North America AR390 1,800

PSI 1.6 GPM 14 Amp Electric

Pressure Washer With Hose Reel


This is my first pressure washer so I can not compare it to anything I’ve had in the past. Having said that I am using the new model AR390 for about 4 hours now had time to give my thoughts .. This is a new model that is similar to AR383 . AR390 No reviews so new, so I took a chance and bought AR383 Compared with the existing popular older models some improvement in the AR390 .. As long as both have the same engine and has a high pressure pump AR390 30 ‘socks and Decision (25 feet AR383) AR390. was integrated detergent tank and hose reel is fully functional, not just for storage as well shoot spear AR383 AR390 better and better. (The information I have received an email from the producer AR.)

When I unboxed it, I was immediately impressed with the construction and weight. Plastic, of course, but all the high strength and quality. Weapons and spears made of plastic, very solid nylon resin “space age” type built to last and abuse. Threaded brass fittings with guns and spears. Hose wrapped around the coil, but is permanently connected to the machine through the coil. In other words when fully unrolled hose, connected to the machine at the end like a garden hose reels hose reel is. It works great, I just hope it does not become the weak point in the road? The main complaints users AR383 leaky hose connector. This unit has a clear plastic screw male quick disconnect that works like a filter. If you see water filter blocking it and run water through it in reverse to remove the filter. Remove the plastic with her quickly to the end of the hose. I Screwed end man / machine stable filter (note: the threaded end of the engine is metal) and plastic attached to other women quickly decided for my garden hose. I did not experience a loss in connectivity within 4 hours they use. I was a little disappointed that he did not have the strength. If you need to clear the road and walk around hand before placing the sealant may not be happy with it for such a great job. I’ll probably rent a gasoline engine to make it go faster. To clean patio furniture, carpet, lawn mowers, patio pavers, cars, trucks, etc work fine. I think the turbo attachment works well for large flat surfaces, such as paverstone my page. I see AR North America (producer) is great at answering all my questions before buying and good. Pressure Ring useful. They answered my questions and I can not believe how quickly it was sent to me. I was within 24 hours of placing my order and with free shipping! The only question that remains is how exactly how to use the built in detergent dispenser. The owner’s manual is not the best.

Overall I was very pleased with it so far. Learn More

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